Product Keys

Domain Name Extensions (TLDs)

Product Name Product Key TLD information to be used for Domain Availability Check and Name Suggestion
.ASIA Domain Name dotasia asia
.AU Domain Name thirdleveldotau |
.BIZ Domain Name dombiz biz
.BZ Domain Name dotbz bz
Third Level .BZ Domain | | |
.CA Domain Name dotca ca
.COM Domain Name domcno com
.DE Domain Name dotde de
.ES Domain Name dotes es
.EU Domain Name doteu eu
.IN Domain Name (2nd Level) dotin in
.IN Domain Name (3rd Level) thirdleveldotin | | | | |
.INFO Domain Name dominfo info
.ME Domain Name dotme me
Third Level .ME Domain Name thirdleveldotme | | | |
.MN Domain Name dotmn mn
.MOBI Domain Name dotmobi mobi
.NAME Domain Name dotname name
.NET Domain Name dotnet net
.ORG Domain Name domorg org
.SC Domain Name dotsc sc
.TEL Domain Name dottel tel
.US Domain Name domus us
.VC Domain Name dotvc vc
.WS Domain Name dotws ws
.XXX Domain Name dotxxx xxx
.CAREER Domain Name dotcareercareer
.JOBS Domain Name dotjobsjobs
.MARKETS Domain Name dotmarketsmarkets
.OOO Domain Name dotoooooo

Hosting Products

Product Name Product Key
Email Hosting hosting
Enterprise Email US enterpriseemailus
Business Email US eeliteus
Legacy Web Hosting Linux hosting
Legacy Web Hosting Windows hosting
Single Domain Hosting Linux US, Texas Server singledomainhostinglinuxus
Single Domain Hosting Linux IN singledomainhostinglinuxin
Single Domain Hosting Linux HK singledomainhostinglinuxhk
Single Domain Hosting Windows US, Texas Server singledomainhostingwindowsus
Multi Domain Hosting Linux US, Texas Server multidomainhosting
Multi Domain Hosting Linux IN multidomainhostinglinuxin
Multi Domain Hosting Linux UK multidomainhostinglinuxuk
Multi Domain Hosting Windows US, Texas Server multidomainwindowshosting
VPS Linux IN vpslinuxin
Dedicated Server Linux US dedicatedserverlinuxus

Other Products

Product Name Product Key
Website Builder hosting
SiteLock sitelock
SSL Certificate sslcert
CodeGuard codeguard